Educational Services and Testing Ltd was set up to assist ESoL training centres.

Mission Statement

''To provide educational services and tests which have a positive influence on Teaching and Learning''.

Educational Services and Testing (ESaT) Ltd is responsible for the provision of English language courses, the management and administration of two suites of English language tests for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The organisation is also involved in the auditing and accreditation of centres, and training of Teaching and Testing Staff.

ESaT Ltd offers two up-to-date suites of examinations targeting two specific types of clients:

     -  the TELSa, for Adults, and

     -  the jTELS, for Juniors.

Both the TELSa (Test of English Language Skills for Adults) and jTELS (Junior Test of English Language Skills) suites of examinations provide assessment at each of the main knowledge levels established in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Cefr ), issued by the Council of Europe.

The TELSa examinations are offered at levels A1 to C2, whereas jTELS examinations are currently offered at levels A1 to B2.  Both suites of examinations have been developed, trialled, and piloted to exacting standards, under the guidance of international experts in the field of language testing and assessment.

All ESaT staff are experienced ELT (English Language Teaching) professionals, most with a strong background in teaching, training and item writing. At ESaT, we all feel very strongly about how our tests should influence both the Teacher and the students during the learning process - when designing our tests, we always have in mind the skills and language necessary to communicate in the modern world.

We are also aware of the negative influence testing could have on teaching and learning, and this is the reason why our tests are based on the latest developments in test design.

To further assist Teachers in focusing on the candidate's needs, rather than on test preparation, tailor-made manuals have been created for the Teacher and the candidate. Seminars and Workshops will soon be offered regularly for Teachers, at all levels, who wish to benefit from training or refresher courses relating to Teaching Skills and Techniques, as well as Examination Preparation Techniques.

Apart from running regular courses and examinations sessions, ESaT is also responsible for the accreditation and regular auditing of the Centres, as well as the training of Testing Staff.  ESaT also runs programmes relating to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of Teachers and Trainers involved in the ESOL industry.

The Educational division of ESaT Ltd focuses on offering schools assistance and consultancy services when setting up a language-training centre.