All candidates need to register directly with an authorised ESaT Centre. 

You will need to provide the Centre with the following to complete your booking:

ESaT Centres will accept bookings up to 45 days prior to the examination session. This will allow ESaT Ltd the necessary time to prepare and organise examination material and possible inspections.

1. Exam Fees: exam fees are set by the Centres. 

Exam Fees:

2. Late entries: all late entries are subject to availability. ‘Late entries’ must be submitted not later than 15 working days prior to the planned Examination Session. The candidate will be charged a ‘late entry fee’ of  €35.00.  Candidates that need special arrangements will not be accepted if submitted as late entries.                                    

3. Special Arrangements: Candidates with permanent disabilities may, where possible, be granted ‘Special Arrangements’ during ESaT examinations. Do you have specific learning, visual or hearing difficulties or other medical conditions that might affect your ability to do the exam or require modified exam material, extra time, use of specific technology, separate invigilation etc? Please contact the ESaT Centre where you intend to sit your exam for information on what Special Arrangements are possible.

Requests for Special Arrangements will only be considered if submitted at least 45 days prior to the exam session and if an original supporting medical report is attached to the Special Arrangements Form. The report must have been prepared not more than two years before the exam date. ESaT reserves the right to refuse the granting of Special Arrangements. No extra cost is charged for this service. 

4. Refunding of Exam fees: Exam fees cannot be refunded except in cases of serious illness and if informed of the withdrawal of a candidate 30 days prior to the examination date. Sufficient documentation must be provided.

5. Retaking examinations: A candidate can take an ESaT Ltd examination more than once. He/she can take the examination again after a minimum period of 60 days.

Click here to download the ESaT Candidate Application Form. Once completed, please submit, together with all supporting documents to the nearest ESaT Centre.