Why teach?

Educational Services and Testing Ltd assists the ESOL industry in various ways by providing valid and reliable assessment tools, guaranteeing quality assurance thanks to the Test Centre and the School Academic audits and of course training staff involved in testing and teaching.

Educational Services and Testing Ltd offers its services to both schools looking for complete CPD programmes as well as ELT professionals looking to further their career thanks to advanced teacher training courses.

If, on the other hand, you are considering becoming a teacher, Educational Services and Testing Ltd also offers training programmes that ensure you are well-equipped to meet the challenges that come with the profession.                                 We certainly suggest that you speak to some experienced teachers who can probably give you hundreds of reasons why you should get into teaching. They will tell you about the various challenges but also about the enormous rewards that come with the profession. Teaching English can certainly become a rewarding career.  

Keep this in mind: the teacher is in a position to inspire the next generation and help people realise their ambitions. Not many other professions have such an important role to play on our society!